Posted 16 hours ago

Homade pesto tossed farfalle with grape tomato and fresh mozzarella

Posted 1 day ago

Not only is plating fun and easy on the eyes but it also gives you a way to portion out your food intake properly. #getchafoodon #onestepatatime

Posted 1 day ago

Nature is winning (at Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course)

Posted 2 days ago

Perfect breakfast after a home workout sesh. My all time fav passion fruit olive oil curd from #caw on multi grain toast, bowl of fruits and greek yogurt, and to wash it all down with some soy milk. #workinghardtoreachmyggoals #alwaysroomforimprovements

Posted 3 days ago

Chillin in SF back in 92 #tbt

Posted 4 days ago

Attended my first conference forum today. Loved all the amazing free goodies and learned a lot about sustainability but never take a girl like me to the dam recology center 😣 #lovingallthehandsonexperienceimgaining #makingconnectionsintheworld #butwaitletmetakeaselfie #youdontmixprofessionalattirewithrecology #neveragain

Posted 1 week ago

I never get tired of fruits with my salad.

Posted 1 week ago

Brunch is my fav 😍 super simple and clean tuna sammie with some greens. Plain greek yogurt topped with a drizzle of local honey, sliced strawberries, and a dust of cinnamon plus a glass of soy milk.

Posted 1 week ago

I miss our weekend adventures and all your unconditional love.. #tbt #mylittlebean #cowdog #chloebear #myheartstillacheswithoutyou

Posted 2 weeks ago

Such a cute oreo parfait #ilovedessertfirst